Adam Sotelo's horror film, PERSEVERATION, needs your help!

Adam Sotelo, director of upcoming film Perseveration, needs your help. Whilst due to film in a few months time, Adam was hit badly by the recent hurricane and all funds he had saved up to shoot his film has now gone in to putting a roof back over his head after his home was completely devastated by the natural disaster. Not one to put off his vision for horror on film, Adam wishes to continue with his project, Perseveration, but needs some kind film fans and backers to donate any money they can spare to fund his film. In return they will be rewarded with merchandise from the film.

Perseveration is a horror film that focuses on Sotelo’s view on religion and the course it takes on the human mind. This film will not only shock you, it will disgust you, and leave you guessing. From birth to adulthood you will see the blood, gore and carnage of ones life that has been based around religion & how it brainwashes people into becoming something they would have never dreamed.

Adam Sotelo adds “My main goal for this film is to reach theaters, and give something new to fans of horror. I’m pushing the limits of censorship in films, and testing your will and your own morals in watching an extreme film. We will be fighting for not only horror films, but films that get banned all over the world…DONT LET PEOPLE DECIDE WHATS ART AND WHAT ISNT!”

Visit Perseveration’s Kickstarter page

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  1. If you want to produce garbage, do so, but I’m not going to help you..,,,people want to wonder why the world is in the shape it’s in. This is a prime example. πŸ™„

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