David Gordon Green attempts to soften us up over his planned Suspiria remake

Dario Argento’s masterpiece Suspiria is one of my favourite horrors of all time. It’s a unique, timeless classic which has no right to be remade, and is far too good to even attempt it. Leave it alone I say, but sadly it IS going to be remade, something we have known for quite some time, and director David Gordon Green is the man ‘dedicated’ to seeing that happen. Clearly he is aware of the thoughts of horror fans, and he addresses some of those concerns in an interview with Matt Barone of Complex.com. I am not going to get into this debate right now because it angers me. Even by wanting to keep Goblin’s terrific music, this remake does not interest me. So, I am going to print some of that interview here for you, and you can make up your own mind:

Green stressed the importance of securing the right’s to use Goblin’s original music, “I can’t imagine—any version of that movie not having that Goblin score,” said Green. “I want it to evolve [the score]. I want to start it at exactly that same place, and take that symphony of synthesizers and evolve it to the opera version. I love the idea of getting someone like John Adams to come and compose the symphony version of it for the ending, something that’s out of left field but is truly just a blossom of the seeds that Goblin planted.”

Originally Green had a different vision for the remake with Natalie Portman in mind, but after viewing Black Swan he now credits the film for his visual change in direction.

“Well, I want to go younger now. I want this to be about 14, 15-year-old girls, rather than women who are Natalie’s age.” It made not want to do what Black Swan kind of did with the psychology and thriller elements of older characters. If anything, I want to focus on the younger, more naïve kinds of characters—the wide-eyed, Snow White version of the movie, rather than a more sophisticated, sexual version of it.”

Green admits “I have to keep as much of that hardcore edge as possible, otherwise, why do it?” “That opening scene is amazing, and for my script I’ve pretty much kept the same structure.”

Green also added a little bit of assurance to all of us horror die-hards, making us aware that he has ever intention of making a great film. ” You make what you’re passionate about; you make what challenges you.” Green added,” I want to challenge myself.” “I feel exactly like all horror fanatics do—when a bad remake comes out, I think it’s the worst thing in the world. But there are good ones. I thought that I Spit On Your Grave remake was really good recently; I thought The Hills Have Eyes remake was fucking amazing. There have been a few guys who have nailed it. Even Piranha—I thought that one was a lot of fun.”

Source: Complex

So there you have it, the man does seems intent of remaking it and doing a good job, but for me, its just a matter of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” Suspiria is a one off, a true original and a film that should never be touched by another director, its simply too good for all that remake nonsense. Next they’ll be remaking the bloody Exorcist!!

By Matt Wavish


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