Die Hard 5 is back on as a new director is found!

Fans of Die Hard can now breathe a sy of relief, the fifth instalment of John McClane’s days of headaches, explosions and near death experiences is back on! After the departure of Noam Murro, it looked like Die Hard 5 was possibly not going to happen. Struggling to find a director, the new film, which will see McClane and his Son head to Russia, has now found one and shooting could begin sooner than we think. The film is scheduled for a release in 2012 as it stands, so they’d bet get on with it!

Step forward John Moore, the director of Max Payne and Behind Enemy Lines, he will now take charge, although his previous films does not exactly inspire confidence. However, Die Hard is about Bruce Willis as John McClane, not the director, as long as he’s happy and doing his usual thing, everyone’s a winner? I love the Die Hard movies, although it sounds like there has been some friction within the camp, with Moore having to convince Willis that he is truly the man for the job. This tells me one thing, that Willis wants to get this right, and I say fair play to him.

There are no plot details available as yet, but like I said, all we know is grumpy baldy will be heading to Moscow, so God knows what kind of mood he will be in with such a language barrier! This could be fun!

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