For the first time Film4 FrightFest, the UK’s biggest horror fantasy festival, is bringing its critically acclaimed Halloween event to the Vue West End. It’s going to be shock around the clock from 6pm to dawn with five must-see genre movies of the moment and a fabulous midnight movie which will be announced separately.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow – Sat Oct 1.


We kick off with the world premiere of BAD MEAT, director Lulu Jarmen’s splatter sensation – so under-the-radar it doesn’t even have an imdb listing. A Boot Camp for troubled teens becomes a nightmarish charnel house when spoiled meat transforms the staff from sadistic fascists into something much, much worse… Get ready for spilt blood, vomit, faeces and bile – and not only on screen – in the strangest, weirdest destined-for-cult-dom gross-out in ages.


90 mins.   Canada 2011   Cast: Elizabeth Harnois, Dave Franco, Mark Pellegrino, Tahj Mowry & Jessica Parker Kennedy 


Next up is the UK premiere of LIVID, from those Inside guys Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. LIVID won’t be released in the UK until next year so this is the first chance to see what everyone is raving about. It’s young Lucie’s first day as a trainee in-house caregiver. She discovers here is treasure hidden somewhere in the home but little does Lucy and her friends know their hunt will lead them into a horrifying supernatural series of events.


90 mins.  France 2011.   Cast: Beatrice Dalle, Jeremy Kapone, Catherine Jacob, Chloe Coulloud & Felix Moati


MIDNIGHT FILM – To be announced soon. You won’t be disappointed!


French director Julien Magnat (Bloody Mallory) is back with the UK premiere of FACES IN THE CROWD, an inventive and irresistible giallo-style thriller starring Milla Jovovich Jovovich stars as Anna Marchant who witnesses the latest attack of serial killer Tear Jerker Jack. But when he tries to murder her too, she survives by falling from a bridge and wakes up with ‘face blindness’ – a condition meaning everyone’s facial features change each time she loses sight of them.


95 mins.  USA 2011   Cast: Milla Jovovich, Marianne Faithfull , Michael Shanks, Julian McMahon & Valentina Vargas



What would happen if you crossed Hostel with The Wages of Fear? Find out in the UK premiere of COLD SWEAT – from Argentina’s rising star director Adrian Garcia Bogliano. When a young man attempts to track down his ex-girlfriend his investigations lead him to the last geriatric members of a right-wing terrorist group still carrying on their evil: a horrifying manifesto. This unique chiller is a fun display of gaucho gore and creative carnage.


90 mins.   Argentina 2010   Cast: Facundo Espinosa, Marina Glezer, Camilla Velasco, Omar Gioiosa &Omar Muso



Last but by no means least is the UK Premiere of THE WATERMEN, a stomach-churning costal fight for survival directed by Matt L. Locklhart and starring Jason Mewes of JAY AND SILENT BOB fame facing an inbred menace. A group of young friends set out for a deep sea fishing trip aboard a luxury boat. When an electrical fire rocks the vessel, it leaves them marooned with no communications, no food and no water. A bad situation turns far worse when their hope of being rescued by a passing trawler sees them drugged and captured by evil fisherman…

98 mins.  USA 2011   Cast: Jason Mewes, Richard Riehle, Luke Guldan, Tyler Johnson & Tara Heston

 Plus there’s the first showing of a great short by Jen Moss called THE MORNING AFTER


It’s the morning after Halloween and Angel (Kate Nash) awakens to the chaotic debris of the night before. She stumbles around her flat surveying the damage from what must have been the mother of all parties.  When she receives a voicemail reminding her of her parents’ imminent visit, Angel realises that dealing with her hangover is the least of her worries. She’s been a very bad girl and it’s time to deal with consequences…

 Team FrightFest will be your hosts as ever, with the usual surprise extras you have come to expect from the best fest in the West End.

 The entire Halloween 6 programme (minus LIVID) will be repeated at the Watershed in Bristol on Friday November 4th. 

 Tickets cost £50 and go on sale on Saturday October 1. To book call 08712 240 240 or go online

 Tickets can also be bought at the cinema

 For full programme & timetable log onto

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