Get your first look at the villain from The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

IFC Midnight will be releasing Tom Six’s hugely controversial film, The Human Centipede 2 Full Sequence, in the US and Australia for a limited theatrical run from October 7th, and a DVD and Bluray release will follow shortly after. The film is the second part of Tom Six’s trilogy of ‘Centipede’ fils, an has been banned by the BBFC for release here in the UK. Six also claims that the third and final film will make Part 2 look like a Disney film.

Part 2 will be released in black and white, a smart move to ingest not only more horrific imagery, but something quite artsy to the film and a brand new image has just been released. Say hello to ‘Martin’, the nasty pervert who captures twelve victims in order to play out his centipede fantasy after becoming obsessed with the first film. For more on the plot details and an in depth look at the story so far on the films UK ban, click here.

IFC Midnight have also promised to release the first ever clip from the film tomorrow, while on Monday we should you the first ever teaser trailer from Australia which showed none of the film, but did show actor’s impersonating reactions to seeing the film. The Australian marketing is clearly using the fact the film is banned in the UK to its advantage, and also claims the film has been cut for US audiences, although this is yet to be proved.

Anyway, here is the image of ‘Martin’, not someone you’d want to have a chit chat with, that’s for sure.

By Matt Wavish

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