Glasgow comes under attack from Zombies in ‘World War Z’ footage

World War Z is a zombie horror based on a novel by Max Brooks, and takes place ten years after a Zombie epidemic which almost destroyed humanity. The film picks up all over the world with survivors telling their gruesome tales of how they lived through the struggle and the film is told in flashback. Director Marc Forster intends to travel all over the world to film each of his stories, and recently they filmed in Glasgow, Scotland.

Locals were on hand to star in the film as Zombies, while other locals were on hand with their own recording devices. A new video has been uploaded to Youtube which shows Zombies running through the city of Glasgow, and includes one innocent chap being bitten and then ‘turned’ into a Zombie. I am sure you’ll agree that, even without the added special effects, the footage is pretty cool and goes to show that this film is gonna be incredible once it arrives in UK cinemas in December 2012.

Brad Pitt is the main star of the film, and he is joined by Bryan Cranston, Matthew Fox, Mirielle Enos, James Badge Dale, Julia Levy-Boeken and Elyes Gabel. For more on what we have covered so far, click here

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