Grimm Up North 3: An impressive lists of guests confirmed for the horror festival. Read on for details

If you’re lucky enough to have got yourself tickets for the third yearly Grimm Up North horror, sci fi and fantasy film festival, then you’re in for a right treat! If you haven’t got tickets, then what are you waiting for? The four day event, which runs from 6th to the 9th October will be showing a number of brand new genre films, and to see the full list including trailers for the choice of films, click here.

A number of guests have been announced on the festival official website, and if you are heading to the festival, you can get the chance to get up close and personal with them. The following is from the official site:

Here are just some of the guests we have lined up for the 2011 festival. Remember, festival pass holders get priority access to the festival bar and guest area within the 235 casino, adjacent to the cinema. Your chance to get up close and personal with our guests!

Guests confirmed so far (More to follow):


Carl Tibbetts. Retreat director.  (Thursday from 7pm)

Gary Sinyor. Retreat producer, director of renowned British comedy Leon the Pig Farmer (Thursday from 7pm)


Martin Kemp. Actor, musician and director of Stalker (Friday from 4.30pm)

Billy Murray. Star of Stalker, Dog House, Rise of the Foot Soldier, Eastenders. (Friday from 4.30pm)

Jane March. Star of Stalker and previous leading lady to Bruce Willis and Harvey Keitel (Friday from 7.30pm)

Jonthan Sothcott. prolific UK genre movie producer. Stalker. Stripper Vs Werewolves (Friday from 4.30pm)

Adele Silva. Star of Emmerdale, Strippers Vs Werewolves. (Friday from 4.30pm.)


Neil Jones. Director and one of the stars of The Reverend (Saturday from 7.30pm )

Stef Hutchinson. Horror aficionado and Halloween franchise expert (Saturday from 2pm)


David Moody. Renowned writer (The Autumn Series, Hater) (Sunday. Film intro and book signing from 2pm)

Robin Hardy (TBC). Director of The Wicker Man and The Wicker Tree. (Sunday from 8pm)


The Galactic Knights. Star Wars, sci-fi and horror characters brought to life. (Various times across the weekend)

You can head over to the Grimm Up North official website for more info and also to buy tickets.

By Matt Wavish

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