Halloween 3D in turmoil? Todd Farmer fired? Sequel to be a PG-13 found footage style horror?

Halloween 3D is a mess right now, and all sorts of rumours are flying around the Internet as to which direction it will now go after two specific tweets has got everyone talking. It would seem that Halloween 3D writer Todd Farmer may have been fired, and also Hatchet director Adam Green tweeted some interesting news which he could not exactly make public. So, let’s begin with Adam Green’s tweet shall we:

ADAM GREEN: “Now they’re taking, and I can’t say the name of it, but a very well-known slasher franchise, and when I got the call I was like, “I would love to do this!”

Then they were like, “OK, it’s going to be a found footage movie.” I was like, “Why?”

And they were like, “Because Paranormal Activity made a lot of money.”

Interesting yes? Clearly he does not state which franchise he has been asked to direct, but the only well known slasher franchise in the works right now is Halloween 3D. The Friday the 13th reboot sequel seems to have stalled, and no word has yet been mentioned about another Nightmare on Elm Street film after the rather dull remake of that, so it must only mean Halloween, musn’t it?

Things may become a little clearer if you read the following tweet from Halloween 3D writer Todd Farmer:

TODD FARMER: “Dunno what to do or think any more. I’m fired because I won’t do a PG13 horror or a found footage Myers. Hollywood blows.”

Farmer was then asked if there would be a right way to make a PG-13 horror film or found footage Myers. This was his answer:

“PG13 and FF have their places. My opinion would be that neither belong in remaking rated R originals.”

So both tweets mention a found footage style horror, so could this possibly mean that this is where Dimension Films intend to take the film? And if it is intended to be found footage, does that mean the 3D side of things has been binned? I mean, surely found footage wouldn’t work in 3D would it?

At the moment this is all speculation, and I am sure there are many theories out there regarding the connection between these two tweets. All I know is that something had better be decided soon as Halloween 3 (lets forget the D for now) has a release scheduled for October 26th 2012. Whatever happens, a PG-13 rating is the most ridiculous idea ever for a slasher movie intended to follow on from what Rob Zombie has set up with his two Halloween movies, and considering the third film was supposed to be taking place right after the events of part 2, a less violent film may well feel out of place?


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