Piranha 3DD trailer to play before Apollo 18, released tomorrow in cinemas! (UPDATE: We were told wrong!!!)

UPDATE: Sorry dear readers, it would appear that the Piranha 3DD trailer will NOT be showing before Apollo 18, and it would appear that the films Facebook page has been a little naughty! The other day the official Piranha 3DD Facebook page stated: “Dying to see PIRANHA 3DD in all its horror glory? Check out the horrifically epic Apollo 18 this weekend!” 

Makes sense yeh, to me that says the trailer will be showing before Apollo 18 this weekend? I mean, did I read that wrong? I do not think so! Anyway, turns out the trailer will not be shown, and we will have to wait a little while longer. Today, the Piranha 3DD Facebook page said this about there sneaky little plan:

“We apologize for not clarifying on the previous post! The PIRANHA 3DD trailer will NOT be before APOLLO 18 in theaters! We just wanted all you PIRANHA fans to get excited about one of our other movies! Sorry for the confusion!”


If, like Me, you are planning to go and scare yourself silly with Apollo 18 over the next few days (it’s released in UK cinemas tomorrow) then you could well be in for a treat before the movie starts. Let’s face it, the trailers are almost just as important as the movie itself, so according to the Piranha 3DD official Facebook page, they have said this: “Dying to see PIRANHA 3DD in all its horror glory? Check out the horrifically epic Apollo 18 this weekend!”

Now what does that tell you? Basically, if you are going to see Apollo 18, expect to see the first trailer for Piranha 3DD!!! Hurrah!! Piranha 3DD, directed by John Gulager, is gonna be awesome and I cannot wait. I loved Alexandre Aja’s remake, and rumour is that Gulager has added in even more gore, tits and ass. Keeping with having his cast in bikini’s, the new film is based in a newly opened waterpark, and the hungry, prehistoric piranha enter the park through drain pipes, sewage pipes, water pipes and all other sorts of ways to get into the waterpark and cause absolute mayhem.

And speaking of mayhem, the impressive cast includes Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff, how could it get any better!! Well, it does get better because Katrina Bowden and Danielle Panabaker both star and will be wearing bikini’s, Christopher Lloyd returns, as does Ving Rhames, and also David Koechner and Chris Zylka join the cast.  The film will swim its way into UK cinemas on November 23rd.

By Matt Wavish

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