Rob Zombie announces latest casting news for his ‘Lords of Salem’

Director Rob Zombie continues to announce casting news for his highly anticipated ‘Lords of Salem’ via his Facebook page, and just yesterday another name was added to the growing list. I did promise to bring you every piece of news we could find for this film, as I am a massive fan of Zombie’s work, and this film simply cannot get here soon enough! There is no release date scheduled just yet, but we can name the newest member of the cast, step forward Torsten Voges!

Voges is a German born actor, probably best known for his small role as a nihilist in the Coen’s classic film, The Big Lebowski. Voges also appeared in the dark and moody thriller 8MM, as well as appearing more recently in Adam Sandler’s Funny People as Dr Lars. Voges has also voiced many computer games, including Call of Duty: World at War as a German soldier, and Medal of Honour: Frontline as a Gestapo officer.He has also apperared in TV shows such as Chuck and Eastwick.

Voges joins the already cast Sheri Moon Zombie who will be playing Heidi, alongside Jeff Phillips who plays Herman ‘Whitey’ Salvador, one third of Salem’s rock radio team called ‘The Big H Team’. Also joining the cast will be Meg Foster who plays Margaret Morgan, the leader of a secret coven of Witches, and Ernest Thomas who has been cast as the station manager at Salem’s rock radio, his character is called Chip ‘Freakshow’ McDonald. Voges will be playing Count Gorgann, the lead singer in Norwegian Death Metal band Leviathan The Fleeing Serpent.

So there you have it, for now, but to see all the other stories already covered, click here.

By Matt Wavish

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