Scott Adkins confirmed for ‘The Expendables 2’ as Van Damme’s henchman!

The Expendables 2 casting continues to grow as Scott Adkins appears to now be joining the cast. Initially it was rumoured he would appear, however it now sounds like he is onbaord to play one of Van Damme’s henchmen. In case you didn’t already know, Van Damme is playing a bad guy which will no doubt end the film with an epic battle between him and Stallone, hurrah!!

However, Scott Adkins is also a tough cookie, already starring in films like Undisputed 2 and 3, Pitfighter, Ninja, The Bourne Ultimatum, Unleashed and The Tournament. He is not the type of guy you want to get into trouble with, but someone on Stallone’s team of Expendables is gonna have to face him. There is an issue here, as the majority of the Expendables are getting on a bit now, yes they can fire a gun and fight it out with other blokes their size and their speed, but Adkins is fresh blood, quick and skilled and he just might be a problem for the likes of Stallone, Arnie, Willis and Lundgren. Maybe it will be up to our very own Jason Statham to be the one to fight him?

The Expendables is shaping up to be an even bigger film than the previous one, and it can’t arrive soon enough! The film begins production next month, and to see what we have already covered on the film, click here

By Matt Wavish

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