Sexy girls, big knives and murder, it’s all here in the trailer for ‘Know Models Were Harmed’

Dread Central recently covered this awesome looking slasher horror from director Jackson Sciarii andwriter and producer Steve Wolsh. The trailer is very impressive, as are a few stills we found as well. The horror stars Wolsh, LeeAnna Vamp, Serenity Risvik, Meghan Perkins and Jessiaca Benson.  There are no release details, or even plot details yet for the film but I am sure you can pretty much guess what is going on. I will be keeping a close eye on this one!

Recently the filmmakers had this to say about their project:

”In making Know Models Were Harmed, we set out to make a darker and more intense slasher flick than had been made in recent years, without losing what makes horror fun, which in my mind is blood, guts, tits, and gore with the occasional comic relief,” said writer/producer Wolsh.

“To those ends everything was filmed as method as possible. A little less than a year ago Jackson Sicarri dropped out of San Francisco Academy of Art and I quit my job to make this movie. We completing the feature in June of this year.

“During filming we went to great extremes to keep the story and plot under wraps,” Wolsh continued, “shooting many scenes in sets closed to everyone but essential cast and crew, and despite the low budget we went so far as to even shoot extra scenes and two alternative endings that Jackson and I had no intention of ever using in the actual film. It’s actually kind of funny that three of the actresses in the movie couldn’t tell who it was that actually killed them in the movie because they really don’t know. They’re in the movie but will have to buy a ticket like everyone else to know who the killer is.”

(Source: Dread Central)

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