Your Chance to Help KILL SANTA with Dick Jane in his new, dark, twisted short film

You might not be familiar with Dick Jane (see my review of his previous short here), but he is one of the most artistic filmmakers I have seen. And he is dark. Very dark. His visions are so scary and twisted they will make you shiver and shudder with unease. So it’s quite fitting that his latest vision is to off the most beloved symbol of Xmas in his upcoming short, I KILLED SANTA.
The way Dick Jane films his work is incredible – he makes you feel violated just by watching. I Killed Santa is no exception with the addition of creepy Werder girls added…with guns of course 😉 Check the teaser out here:

The synopsis is as follows:
Timmy is obsessed with Christmas and dresses up as Santa 24/7 – 365. When Timmy finds out he is not being rehired as the local mall Santa because of the color of his (white) skin, he is devastated. With his late mother’s impending foreclosure, he recruits his only friend Bobby, the town’s resident player to help create a North Pole attraction out of his mother’s garage to save the house. Everything seems to be going swell until Bobby’s girlfriend Jade, a naive prom queen ushers in domestic horror as a downward spiral sinks its teeth into their worlds. Skeletons come screaming out of the closet as tragedy strikes on Christmas morning. Merry F@cking Christmas!

Dick Jane needs your help. In order to create his killer vision, he needs to raise $1000. So we’re calling all film fans to help independent cinema by donating $5 or more to help Dick Jane create I KILLED SANTA.

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