Check out some fresh images of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman on set of The Dark Knight Rises

There seems to be many haters out there over the design of the new Catwoman suit, although there are fans as well. Me, I’m not too fussed to be honest, all I know is that Anne Hathaway in tight leather is a safe bet, and whether the suit does Catwoman’s character justice or not, it won’t put me off watching what will be one of the biggest film s of 2012.

Some new images have appeared online of Hathaway in full character mode, and we not only get a glimpse of Christian Bale as Batman, but also Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, so the pictures are well worth a look. Hopefully, haters or not, you will get some enjoyment out of them, and rest assured that director Christopher Nolan hasn’t made any mistakes yet with his trilogy, so I am sure he has read all the comments on Catwoman’s suit and will act accordingly, or maybe he won’t? Who knows, we will just have to wait for 20th July 2012 to find out.

By Matt Wavish

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