Check out some images and an exclusive UK clip for Lucky McKee’s ‘The Woman’

Lucky McKee’s superb, intense and intelligent horror flick The Woman arrived in selected UK cinemas last Friday, it then arrives at the Grimm Up North film festival in Manchester on Saturday 8th October, and if you miss all that, it arrives on DVD & Bluray on 17th October. I suggest you get to see the controversial film one way or another as it really is superb. If you don’t believe me then you can read my review here.

To help the film gain interest some new stills and an exclusive UK clip has arrived, and you can see them all after this synopsis:

When lawyer and proud family man Chris Cleek (Sean Bridgers) stumbles across a wild, feral woman (Pollyanna McIntosh) bathing in a woodland stream near his isolated country home, he immediately makes a decision that will dramatically change both their lives.

Chris captures the woman and chains her up in the fruit cellar below his house, intending to tame and civilize her. To assist him, he enlists the help of his long-suffering wife, Belle (Angela Bettis), their two teenage children, Peggy and Brian, and even their youngest daughter, Darlin’. But when the task at hand proves to be more difficult than first imagined, the Cleek family’s fascination and well-intentioned compassion quickly turns to abhorrence and sadistic cruelty. Now, the animal in everyone is about to be revealed, along with one or two of Chris’ other little secrets.

By Matt Wavish



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