Day 1 of Grimm Up North 3 – The Opening Gala and UK Premiere of RETREAT

I landed in Manchester and it was pouring down. What a way to start the day. I wandered lonely as a film nerd into the Great Northern Railway Warehouse building which houses the AMC Cinema and it wasn’t long until I got lost. Women eh, we can’t navigate. During my lost episode, I was found ‘loitering’ by one of Grimm’s organisers and a host of people including Yvette Fielding. Pretending to know where I was going, I quickly made my way through a door and ended up back at the cinema. After spending a couple of minutes going down some stairs I eventually found Manchester 235 casino. Phew! Just in time too.

I was kindly escorted to the suite where Yvette Fielding, of Most Haunted and Ghosthunting with…, Carl Tibbetts director of Retreat and the producer, Gary Sinyor.
On the table I was at were 3 reporters for Starburst Magazine and a reporter from Horror Talk, so the following interviews include questions from myself, Starburst and Horror Talk. [Retreat interviews to follow]

Interview with Yvette Fielding

After our interviews the bar was open to the general public for a mini booze up. I took the opportunity to wander around the Las Vegas style casino. Very posh!
5 minutes before the screening, Yvette Fielding took to the stage to announce the opening of Grimm Up North 3 and to introduce the first film of the festival, RETREAT.

In a comfy cinema, I took my seat and sat down to watch RETREAT, starring Thandie Newton, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Bell and boy oh boy it didn’t disappoint.

A married couple (Newton and Murphy) return to the holiday cottage on an isolated island to try and repair their marriage when one day they find an injured, unconscious man slumped in the field (Bell). Taking him into their home, they look after him until he awakens with devastating news that an airborne virus originating from South America is wiping out people fast and is travelling across the world. If they want to survive, they must barricade and seal the house and never leave. But is he telling the truth?

Retreat is the first film from former art student and editor, Carl Tibbetts, who also wrote the story. The film is very well plotted, with the cinematography enhancing the sense of being trapped and the claustrophobia that ensues. The star studded cast are amazing, dealing with the psychological aspects and fear which results their characters situations. Jamie Bell is standout as the enigma and has come a long way since his innocent days of Billy Elliot. The film is quite close knit and flows quite nicely with it’s talented actors, and when things start to unravel, the film packs a punch, hook and finally a Knock Out. In cinemas from October 14th, this is on film you need to see. Rating: ★★★★☆

After the film screening, which received an applause from the audience, we were treated to a Q+A session with the film’s director and producer. Watch the video below (warning: spoilers!)

So that’s Day 1 down, only 3 more to go! 🙂

If you’d like to attend any screenings at this year’s Grimm Up North 3, you can still purchase individual tickets by going to or from the AMC Cinema box office in Manchester

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