Day 3 of Grimm Up North 3 – Halloween 3, Some Guy Who Kills People, The Woman and The Reverend

Day 3 kicked off with the stray in the Halloween series…. HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH. Not starring our favourite William Shatner mask wearing killer, Halloween 3 took on a story of it’s own, where a mask making company want to kills thousands of kids on Halloween with the power of an ancient stone stolen from Stonehenge.
I really enjoyed this film in a “it’s so bad and cheesey it’s good” sort of way. Actually, I can’t call it bad because it did have some good points in it and I actually was gripped the whole time I watched and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s classic crap and you gotta love it. Especially the song – 8 more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, 8 more days to Halloween – Silver Shamrock. Brilliant. This film has it all. It’s actually an interesting concept to release a film each year at Halloween having a different story each year based upon the holiday. If some filmmakers did that today, it would definitely work. I’d watch. Anyway, I rate Halloween 3…
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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I’d been excited for the next film since seeing the trailer. Colourful, funny yet bloody, SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE was going to brighten up the weekend with it’s unique, subtle humour – and it didn’t disappoint. We follow Ken (Kevin Corrigan), a lonely, misunderstood individual who works in an ice-cream parlour after being released from a mental institute after having being attacked in his youth by bullies. Wanting to move on, Ken thrives at the ice-cream parlour but events lead to him encountering the bullies from his past which only make matters worse. To add to the pressure of his daily life, his estranged 11 years old daughter comes into his life and a possible romance with a blonde, English woman named Stephanie ignites. The only way he can lead a normal life is to punish those who made it miserable, so Ken sets out to kill his tormentors once and for all.
What a brilliant film. Excellent performance from all involved but a special nod to Ariel Gade, who plays Ken’s daughter, and Barry Bostwick, who we all know as Brad from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as the Sheriff. It was an uplifting film, with lots of vivid colour and dialogue that had us all laughing in the cinema. Karen Black also put in a fab performance as Ken’s sarcastic mother. This film wasn’t without bloodshed. The killing scenes are amusing but gory at the same time and I can only describe this film as a black comedy horror. It’s truly fantastic and you must see it
Rating: ★★★★½
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After the cheerful SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE, we prepared ourselves for the much talked about THE WOMAN.
This film caused quite a stir at Sundance Film Festival and rightly so! A successful lawyer out hunting finds and captures a  feral woman from the woods with the aim to civilise her so she fits in with society. However, their efforts reveal that the true animal is not always from the wild…
In the film itself, The Woman was meant to appear as some kind of beast that we should be ashamed of, but instead she acted as a mirror. Through this woman we discovered the true colours of this disturbing family. Each family member had the freedom to choose and their choice secured their ultimate fate. An eye opening, thoughtful and intelligent movie with superb acting. I thoroughly loved it and look forward to director Lucky McKee’s next work. Rating: ★★★★☆
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The final film of my Saturday at Grimm Up North 3 was THE REVEREND, which had been completed 2 days earlier. Reading the blurb, it sounded so-so but the cast were to die for: Rutger Hauer, Doug Bradley, Giovanni Lombardo Radice and…erm… Shane Richie. Hmm. Hit a bum note there. Regardless, the film opened up with smartly dressed, blue-eyed Rutger waltzing into a cathedral where armed Reverends guard Giovanni. Words are exchanged and then we move onto a sleepy village where a young Reverend is giving his sermon at the church. The guy reminds me of Stuart Baggs “The Brand” off The Apprentice. Anyways, he gets bitten by a vampire chick and then she spontaneously combusts. Cue the young reverend now having a blood lust and whoever he bites also spontaneously combusts. His mission is always referred back to Job in the Bible, but unlike Job I thought personally that the reverend should resisted temptation for blood and death to prove his devotion to God, but no. Apparently, it was God and the Church’s will that the Reverend should rid the world of all the criminals and bad people by biting them and this would save everyone. I’m not religious but I always thought killing someone, no matter if they are good or bad, would condemn you to a life in Hell. The Reverend doesn’t appear to have any other vampire tendencies like being allergic to sunlight. This film is much of a muchness, is far too slow and quite frankly, boring. Rutger and Giovanni are onscreen for the first two minutes, that is all. And Doug Bradley has the same amount of screen time, if that. It’s alright selling the movie by getting those big names involved, but when the story has no substance and features Shane Richie more than it does your big names put together, then something is definitely wrong.
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

That was it, the end of my night. Check back for the final installment of my Grimm Up North 3 diary.

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