In the spirit of Halloween, check out the short film ‘Night of the Pumpkin’ here

As a Halloween treat for all you readers, we have found a 17 minute short film directed by Frank Sabatella featuring a murderous pumpkin! The short film is great fun, sexy and rather gruesome with a fantastic sense of humour and so impressive special effects, all in the name of Halloween. What a better way is there to get yourself in the mood for our favourite night!

Sabatella also co-wrote the film with Ted Geoghegan, Michael Gruosso and George A Taramas and the film stars the sexy Samantha Hahn (pictured below) alongside Matt Watson, Steve Arons and Ralph Bracco. The film is brought to us by Sideshow Pictures who also released Bloodnight: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, which also starred Samantha Hahn.


It’s All Hallow’s Eve, and geeky Steve and his buddy Cutter are holding a seance in the local cemetery. While foolishly toying with the dark forces of nature, they summon the soul of an ancient demon that possesses their Jack O’ Lantern, which promptly goes on a carnivorous rampage! As the demonic gourd terrorizes the entire town, it grows larger and larger with every human soul it consumes! Now it is up to Steve to stop the monster pumpkin before it destroys his neighborhood and devours the woman he loves! Will Steve be able to tame the savage beast or will this Halloween be his last? Who will survive the NIGHT OF THE PUMPKIN?

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

By Matt Wavish


Night of the Pumpkin from Sideshow Pictures on Vimeo.

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