Jeepers Creepers director’s latest horror, ‘Rosewood Lane’ releases debut trailer

While we wait and wait for director Victor Salva to bring us his long awaited third Jeepers Creepers movie, we now have our first look at the film he has been working on in the meantime. Rosewood Lane stars the beautiful Rose McGowan alongside Lauren Velez, Ray Wise and Lin Shaye.

The film will premier at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival this weekend in Hollywood.


Radio talk show therapist, Sonny Blake, moves back to her childhood home after her alcoholic father dies. Upon her return to the old neighborhood, Sonny discovers her neighbors are terrified of the local paperboy.

She thinks this is ridiculous, until she encounters the boy herself, and learns the hard way that he is a cunning and dangerous sociopath. One who may have killed her father, and several others.

When the boy starts to call Sonny’s radio show, reciting eerie nursery rhymes, an unnerving game of cat-and-mouse begins, which makes Sonny doubt her own sanity.

As the game escalates, she suddenly finds herself in a terrifying, all-out war that forces her to redefine her ideas of good and evil, and has her fighting to stay alive.

By Matt Wavish


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