Lots of sex, gore and cheap thrills in the trailer for horror anthology ‘Psycho Street’

When I say lots of sex and gore I am not kidding, the trailer for Psycho Street has plenty. Yes it may be a bit cheap and tacky, but I must say it looks a hell of a lot of fun. Surprisingly, as the trailer goes on the effects seem to get better too. However, the amount of nudity and gore means that this trailer does fall into the NSFW category, which stand for Not Safe For Work, so please, don’t cause yourself embarrassment at your desk and view this in front on work colleagues, unless they’re into this sort of thing of course!

The film contains four short films directed by Raine Brown, Arthur Cullipher, Patrick Desmond, Pete Jacelone and Anthony G Sumner. The stories are interlinked by narration by the gorgeous Tiffany Shepis, and the collection of horror tales is due to arrive early 2012 and will be distributed by R-Squared.

Enjoy the trailer!


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  1. hi, do you know where i can download this movie? i ve been searching it all over the internet but i stll cannot download it, coud you help me please? thank you so much

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