Julia Voth travels through Hell in dark, sexy and atmospheric trailer for ‘Lilith’

Lilith see’s the seriously sexy Julia Voth travel through Hell to find her murdered sister, and from the trailer, this is gonna be one incredibly dark and sexy little horror flick. Directed by Sridhar Reddy, the film a contemporary take on Dante’s ‘Inferno’ and should please many horror fans who like something a little different. You may also recognise Voth from the film Bitch Slap. Also starring in the film are Lili Reinhart, Nancy Telzerow and Bianca Christians. Gearing up for its AFM release, a full synopsis and trailer have just been released. There is also an unofficial trailer added at the very bottom of this post, this was released a few months ago. Enjoy!

Contemporary take on Dante’s ‘Inferno,’ ‘Lilith’ is the story of Sarah Wilson, who finds herself haunted by visions of her tragically murdered younger sister, Lilith. After a night of surreal terror, Sarah is led by her visions of her dead sister into a hellish labyrinth populated by bloodthirsty demons and bedeviled ghosts from her past. Her journey into darkness forces Sarah to confront painful secrets and her innermost fears, and her path back to reality is one fraught with terror, sadness and deception.

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

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Julia Voth


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