More names attached to enter Darren Lynn Bousman’s ‘The Barrens’

Darren Lynn Bousman has been very bust this year, his sadistic horror Mother’s Day went down a storm earlier this year, and his new religious horror 11.11.11 is due out, funnily enough, on 11th November and I really can’t wait for that one!

Anyway, casting is almost finished for his newest tale of terror The Barrens, which focuses on a family who head off to the New Jersey Pine barrens and fall victim to the mysterious Jersey Devil. It was recently announced that True Blood’s Stephen Moyer had joined the cast and he will join Mia Kirshner (The ” L” Word), Erik Knudsen (Scream 4) and J Larose (Insidious).

Just yesterday it was announced that Allie Macdonald (House at the End of the Street, picture above), Max Topplin (Fringe) and Peter DaCunha will also be joining the cast and things are almost ready to start filming, which is great news!


In the film Cynthia Marlow (Kirshner) joins her husband Richard (Moyer), stepdaughter Sadie, and young son for a weekend camping trip in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Family bonding turns to horror when Richard falls ill and becomes convinced they are being stalked by the legendary creature of the Barrens: the Jersey Devil.

By Matt Wavish

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