Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders, coming soon to DVD

There are a  number of horrors due out over the next year focusing on some sort of sequel or prequel to the Amityville Horror, and it would appear that Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders, has got there first. The documentary is intended to be a very long, three part film, with each film running at almost two hours. The project is written and directed by Ryan Katzenbach and stars Edward Asner, David Moretti, D.T Carney and Brenda Lee.


In the sweat of an autumn night in November 1974, Ronald DeFeo gunned down his entire family — father Ronald Sr., mother Louise, brothers Marc and John, and sisters Allison and Dawn as they slept. Within 48 hours, DeFeo had been arrested and was convicted the following year of the mass murder. Today, DeFeo remains incarcerated at Green Haven Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Shattered Hopes initially explores the “official” widely accepted account of the murders while conducting an extensive forensic analysis of the case which clearly suggests that DeFeo could not have committed the crime alone. For nearly four decades, DeFeo has maintained that his sister and another party played a role in the events that transpired at 112 Ocean Avenue. Now, for the first time ever, Shattered Hopes strips away the hazy of mystery behind the infamous Dutch Colonial home and investigates those claims. Pairing vivid reenactments of life in the DeFeo home with extensive and often exclusive interviews by those connected to the case, Shattered takes the viewer on a tour-de-force investigation led by those who knew the family, the officers who investigated the case, and countless others who reveal new information never before revealed.

Here is also the official press release announced this week:

The wait for Shattered Hopes, a documentary trilogy five years in the making, is almost over. Part I of the film, at just under 2 hours, is heading to DVD before the end of November 2011, says producer, writer and director Ryan Katzenbach.

Additionally, the general public will get an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the installment, entitled “From Horror To Homicide”, on the 37th anniversary of the mass murder of the DeFeo family, November 13. The matinee screening will be held at a small venue in Los Angeles with details to follow. The screening was slated for October 30, but had to move because of a schedule conflict.

The exact release date of Part I has not been announced, and KatcoMedia will likely go public with this on November 13 at the screening. DVD availability to the public will come within weeks of this venue.

Part I will be followed up with Parts II (Mob, Mayhem, Murder) and III (Forensics…Fraud) subsequently within mere months of Part I’s initial launch. Katco expects the film to be released, in its entirety, before early spring 2012.

The film series is narrated by the Emmy-winning Edward Asner.

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