The trailer from a Galaxy far, far away has arrived! Yikes!! It’s the ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D’ trailer

I expect, like Me, the majority of you are not all that bothered about having to sit through The Phantom Menace again, let alone in the cinema, and even worse in 3D. But, there will be fans out there that do want to see it, so the trailer is at the bottom of this post, if you care!

Me, the sheer thought of seeing Jar Jar Binks again makes me feel physically sick, and the ONLY things about Star Wars 3D that gets me excited, is the fact I will get to see my beloved ORIGINAL trilogy up on the big screen, something I never did when I was a young-un. I am even happy to put myself through the pain and torture of 3D not only in the hope that it does look good, but because I would give anything to see A New Hope, (especially) The Empire Strikes Back and also Return of the Jedi on the biggest, loudest screen available.

However, with the Phantom Menace being the most disliked of the series, I don’t see the first move into 3D doing all that well. Regardless of what the ‘new’ trilogy look like, I really hope there is no more tampering with the original trilogy, UNLESS it enhances the 3D viewing experience. As I said before, give us a 2D option and THAT would make good business sense based on the popularity of the original trilogy.

Here’s the trailer…

By Matt Wavish


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