Watch out for that Snake!!! The trailer for ‘Venom’ arrives

Afraid of snakes? Afraid that they’ll come back to seek revenge if you run-over one of their mates? Well then, Venom is for you as we see a venomous Rattlesnake take revenge on the people who have accidentally run over his best mate.

In Venom, a Mother and Daughter have not only stumbled upon some nasty  so-called Gangsters cash,  but during their escape they have also run over a Rattlesnake, best friend or could well be partner of the vicious Rattlesnake in this here horror, so watch out!

The Rattlesnake decides to take revenge on the people who so carelessly squashed his mate, and all Hell breaks loose. Venom, is directed  by first time feature film director Gary Breslin, and stars Jessica Morris, Oliviah Crawford and Roberton Sanchez.

By Matt Wavish



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