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A man trapped in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine must overcome incredible odds to survive.








“This was not in the driver’s test!”

WRECKED is one of the most easiest reviews that I will probably have to write.

Not that I can not be bothered to write this review, the film alone deserves to be watched just for the performance of Adrien Brody who shows just how good an actor he is despite his recent record at the box office.  Brody is an actor I have a lot of time for but over the recent years his record has not exactly set the pulses racing for fans everywhere.  Splice was not exactly an overwhelming success and yours truly enjoyed in right up until Brody was asked to do an unthinkable plot twist that baffled and amused fans everywhere.  Predators was another that seemed to waste his potential in which it was just another rehash of the 80’s original and lets be honest if you an action fan what would you prefer to see Brody or classic Arnie in full flow.  Of course you then have Gallio by a certain Argento that has sat on shelves everywhere and it seems Brody has become lost in the new wave of talent.  What the guy needs most is a film that showcases his talent, a film that can display every single acting range of his talent and guess what?  Wrecked is that kind of film.

While Found Footage horror and backpackers in danger are all the rage at the moment, it seems yet another genre is slowly becoming the norm at the box office.  Enter in the fast becoming well worn concept of the “all alone and in danger!” storyline, seen to death in recent years thanks to Open Water, Adrift, Frozen, 127 Hours and now of course Wrecked, which sees Brody wake up in a car crash with no memory how he got there.  To add to his misery, his right leg is trapped beneath the wrecked dashboard, the door is stuck tight and there is a dead body at the back seat.

So for a film rich with possibilities then how the heck can it be so boring?
I mean this is a man who wakes with no memory and is stuck in a car, there is also a dead body sitting up in the back seat.  We should have a film rich in plot and flashbacks that the intrigue is there, but NOTHING HAPPENS…………….
Seriously I would tell you to watch it just to see how badly they waste the potential of the film.  Did I really need to see Brody sit in his car for nearly an hour before he actually does something.  I mean come on, I wanted to watch this film to be entertained, not to see a man just sit there, if I wanted to do that then I would have asked my son to sit in the car in the garage while I sat on the nearby step and watched, at least it would have saved me £4.50 on a rental fee.
In what I believe must be a few days before Brody actually decides he must get out of the car, he finally wiggles free which begs the question “why the feck did he not do it earlier” but then in some stupid plot twists I have seen in a very long time, despite having a broken leg, he quite easily starts to move around which is totally impossible in some situations.  He then stumbles on a lost dog that he befriends that actually fails to have the emotional punch of the ball in Castaway, and we then get the flashbacks which continue the theme of dullness.
I started this review by stating that the film is worth watching for Brody and that is the case because the man can act and if it weren’t for him then I would have switched off way before the half hour mark.  He is a talent who deserves to shine but if he was hoping this would be his 127 Hours then he was mistaken even though it did feel 127 hours watching this crap!
Even then I still had hope because we get one scene which did raise the bar level and I was certain we will have a dark twist to satisfy the horror need in me, but when the climax came nothing happened and it just ended in a whimper, which made me realise that not only had I just wasted my life in this shit but I also have to write up the review, so if you think this review is short and has nothing in it, at least its short and to the point, unlike the film which is long and just dull.
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


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