American Horror Story: Episode 2 “Home Invasion” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 2, ‘Home Invasion’, kicks off in 1968 in the house, which appears to be some sort of student house! A few girls are trying to persuade their friend, Maria, to go with them to a Doors concert. She declines as she has too much college work to do! Left in the house with her friend Gladys (who appears to be a nurse), someone knocks on the door. As she peers through the peep hole, a man is standing there, bleeding, asking for help, and as she lets him in, he attacks both the girls. As Maria comes to, the man tells her to undress and put the nurses’ uniform on and then ties her up, Gladys nowhere to be seen! The man seems to disappear after she starts praying to God, but then appears and stabs her numerous times in the back!!! Bloody horrible to watch!!

Back to the present day, Ben has a new patient who seems totally obsessed with the “murder house” as she calls it. Ben then gets a call from the girl he had an affair with, Hayden, who is now also pregnant and has to go back toBoston, unbeknown to his wife, Vivien, as she says she’s going to have an abortion!!

Meanwhile,Constanceis baking cupcakes with poison in them and brings them to Vivien telling her they are for Violet, saying they are to say sorry for her Down syndrome daughter’s constant appearance in the Harmon’s house! Vivien proceeds to eat one, but for some reason doesn’t get ill??? Is that because she has a demon baby inside her and it likes it?? Dunno, but anything could happen in this series!!! Constance instantly knows that Vivien is pregnant! During their conversation, Vivien tells Constance that something doesn’t feel right with the baby, and asks Constance if her intuition tells her anything. Constance says she believes the baby is fine (although curiously she seems to be holding back) but also says that she had 4 children, all of whom were deformed except for one…… Was the father of her babies the gimp in leather also????? It’ll be interesting to see what this baby looks like when it pops out!

Vivien later takes the cupcake to Violet and Violet blows up, angry that she knows her mother is pregnant and that no one bothered to tell her! She accuses Vivien of being weak if she thinks that a baby will improve her relationship with Ben!! Suddenly the doorbell rings and Vivien looks through the peep hole, and a woman is standing there, saying that she’s bleeding and needs help!! Sound familiar!! As she opens the door, three copy cat serial killers break in, including Ben’s patient Bianca (although Vivien doesn’t know this) attempting to re-enact the murders that happened in 1968, and ties up Vivien and Violet. It turns out that the nurse Gladys, was taken upstairs and killed in the bath tub – Violet being nominated for this role, and Vivien given the role of Maria. As Violet is taken upstairs, she manages to escape and Tate appears, telling her that she needs to get the three of them down to the basement!! Violet allows herself to be recaptured and convinces one of them that the bathtub that Gladys was actually killed in was now in the basement.

Bianca comes across the cupcake Vivien had taken to Violet and eats it, almost instantly feeling ill and starts to throw up!! As she looks for her accomplices, she ventures into the basement where Tate is waiting for her, swinging an axe right into her tummy!!! Yummy!! The killer with Violet also encounters Tate, who is actually stood next to the ghost of Gladys!! Creepy!!

Finally, Vivien flees from the final killers grasp and both her and Violet manage to get out of the house, while the final two killers are slaughtered in the basement! Constance appears along with Moira and they, with Tate, dispose of the bodies. Constance also states that it was important that Ben kept treating Tate!!!!! Does that mean Tate is dead too???? What’s the deal with Constance????

Meanwhile, Ben, in Boston with Hayden, gets a call telling him what’s happened at the house, and immediately leaves the hospital without saying goodbye to Hayden, who is about to have the abortion. From what we’ve seen from Hayden already, she seems very desperate and needy and I’m sure this will not go down well……..

Ben isn’t pleased to hear that Tate was in the house when the attack happened, and Violet snaps telling her father that at least Tate was there, unlike him!!! Vivien has also had enough with the house, this being the icing on the cake, and it is agreed that the house is put back on the market!!!

What a fantastic episode, and a delightful twist resulting in more questions with the trio being Constance, Tate and Moira!! The scenes were really horrific in places, but fast moving and enticing!! One thing that is clear about American Horror Story is that it is going to get deeper and deeper and, hopefully, really drag the viewers into the dark shadows, whatever it may bring…………………………

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