American Horror Story Episode 4: “Halloween: Part 1” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 4 “Halloween” is a two part episode where we find out that the dead can walk freely on Halloween!!! The episode starts off a little more recently in 2010 where we meet Chad and Patrick, a gay couple and previous owners of the house! They decided to throw a Halloween party and Chad is in the kitchen sculpting pumpkins. Patrick comes in all dressed for the gym where Chad accuses Patrick of getting it on with the gym instructor and Patrick essentially pissed off at Chad for constantly acting like something out of Stepford Wives! Chad is also not amused that Patrick hasn’t got a costume for the party, at which point Patrick leaves the room.Chadgoes into the dining room when someone appears wearing the rubber outfit! Chad believing it is Patrick, greets him apologetically after his behaviour earlier but the “rubber man” attacks him, pushes his head into a tub with bobbing apples in, and then breaks his neck!! Patrick comes in, dressed as a cowboy, startled by what has just happened and the scene ends!! The usual gruesome start and living up to its usual standards!!

Present day, and the Harmons’ are beefing up security after the ordeal Vivien ad Violet had to go through.Vivien meets a security officer called Luke, who she warms to almost instantly. Also, after advice from their estate agent, two interior designers, described as “fluffers” are hired to make the house look fabulous so it will sell, but Chad and Patrick turn up!! Vivien assumes these are the “fluffers” and catches on pretty quickly that Chad and Patrick’s relationship is a little strained. She opens up to Chad after he tells her that Patrick cheated on him and that he found out by looking at Patrick’s phone bill, cause phone bills don’t lie!!!!!

Then disfigured Larry starts to pester Ben for money in exchange for him keeping quiet about Hayden but Ben is having none of it and basically tells him to bugger off. Still wary of Tate and his involvement with Violet, Ben tells Tate that he will no longer treat him, but Tate persuades him otherwise, and Ben lays down a condition that they meet somewhere else away from the house. I got a bit confused at this, as presumably Tate is dead?? So in that case how can he leave the house as none of the others, such as Moira, can’t. Although this is Halloween and the dead walk freely!!! I’m sure it will all become clear soon….

After getting some beauty treatment from Violet, Adelaide decides that she wants to dress up as a pretty girl but Constance cruelly tells her that she’s not pretty and never will be. Quite a horrible scene to watch asConstanceridicules her own daughter, exposing her real nasty streak. Constance, obviously feeling guilty with what she said to Adelaide, brings her a pretty girl costume with a pretty face mask (which I still thought was pretty horrible of her, why she just couldn’t have made Adelaide feel pretty as she was I don’t know. Don’t all mothers see the beauty in their children??!!!)Adelaideis nonetheless over the moon, and excitedly goes to see Violet to show it off, whilst doing some trick or treating. As she approaches the front door, some other trick or treaters turn up. As they leave, she follows them, runs onto the road, and gets hit by a car!!! Now something quite interesting happens here!! Constance screams at the paramedics to leave her alone and drags Adelaide onto the Harmon’s garden, and it appears that in order to haunt the house, she needed to die on the property!! Hmmmm……

Violet, unaware of what’s just happened withAdelaide, bumps into Tate in the house, again, and makes him tell her what’s living in the basement!!! Tate is surprisingly honest and tells her that it’s a thing created by the surgeon who owned the house all those years ago after his baby was dismembered. The surgeon attempted to sew his baby back together, also using animal parts, and now continuously resides in the basement!!! The thing is clearly a ghost (one would think hopefully), but I certainly think there’s more to this story!!

Vivien finally gets hold of Ben’s phone bill and low and behold finds that he’s been chatting with Hayden!! She confronts him and doesn’t believe his pleas when he says that he and Hayden are over. She tells him to get out of the house and in all the drama, the baby kicks her, startling both Vivien and Ben as she is only in the early part of her pregnancy and the baby shouldn’t be that developed so far!!!! They rush off to the hospital where it is confirmed that the baby is growing much faster than normal. At which point the nurse looks closely at the ultrasound, and after seeing the horror in her eyes, she then faints!!

As it’s Halloween, Moira is able to visit her mother who is on life support in a hospital. With a heavy heart, she secretly stops the life support and as she weeps on her mother’s body, the ghost of her mother appears behind her and asks Moira to move on. But she can’t and she knows it as she’s buried at the house. It seems that the house has a hold over the ghosts who die there.

Finally, Violet, all alone in the house hears a knock on the door, and it’s Larry demanding money for his silence again. Frightened, she phones Ben and as she’s talking to him, the “rubber man” appears behind her!! Creepy!! When Ben and Vivien get home, Violet is missing. As they search the house, there is a knock at the door again. Ben opens the door, only to find a very bloody looking Hayden stood there, back from the dead!!!!

Absolutely loved this episode, particularly due to the presence of more and more ghosts, feeling like it is starting to climax as each episode is aired! I was very surprised with the death ofAdelaide, but it made the story all the more interesting withConstancewanting her to die on the Harmon’s property! I can also tell that Hayden is going to unleash hell with the crazed look in her eye. The type of ghost you definitely don’t want hanging around and I really hope she makes Ben squeal!!

By Kirsty Wavish

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