Lets get one thing straight here!  To me Michael Keaton is BATMAN…..sorry Bale, but Keaton as forever nailed that role in my heart!
I love the way he played the role in Burton’s two great films, I also loved him in Bettlejuice and the rumours of him going back to that role in a sequel thrills me more than any Blade Runner sequel.
You see when Keaton plays a psycho there is no one better as witnessed in the films Pacific Heights and Desperate Measures (that being one of the 90’s most underrated films), and the news that he is back playing a nutjob is great news for the genre!
Penthouse North from director Joseph Ruben (Sleeping with the Enemy, The Forgotten, Return to Paradise) sees Keaton team up with Michelle Monaghan (Source Code) and here we have the plot!

Sara Taylor (Monaghan), a photojournalist blinded in Iraq, is forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the sadistic criminal Hollander (Keaton) – a man who will stop at nothing to get a fortune of stolen diamonds hidden in Sara’s penthouse apartment. Although Sara claims to not know where the diamonds are, Hollander utilizes psychological and physical torture in an effort to break Sara’s resistance. But Sara fights back. As the suspense builds to a shattering climax, Sara gains the advantage. But will it be enough to save her?

The film begins production in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 7th and its a film I am delighted to see!

More on this when it comes in!
Ross Hughes
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