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125 Minutes

What is it all about?

Annie’s life is a mess and she has just found out her best friend is getting married.  Being maid of Honour is one thing, but when she tries to organise the perfect party, her life starts to go downhill and for a woman who had nothing to start with, she finds herself with even more to lose!

 The Hughes Verdict!

Just seeing the picture of Bridesmaids on the HCF homepage may put questions in the minds of all our readers who are logging to read our latest horror reviews.   As you know by now, we at HorrorCultFilms try our best to bring you all the latest news on all things bloody but on occasions we do dip our toes into other genres, simply for reasons that we are trying to bring to your attention films that you may fancy or not.  That is why Kung Fu Panda 2 has graced our reviews alongside the likes of The Hangover Part 2 and its because we done a review of that all male film that you now see an all girl comedy review looking back at you.

But its not about doing one for the sake of it.  We have not sat in the office thinking “We have done Hangover, we should do Bridesmaids” because that would be an insult to the very film I have just watched.  Yes looking at the cover of a bunch of women and sitting down to watch a film I thought would be all about a girly wedding did not really appeal to me but thanks to a stunning first five minutes where I virtually pissed myself laughing I soon realised like many others who have made this film the highest gross comedy of the year, that Bridesmaids is without doubt superior to its male counterpart and is without question the most funniest comedies you will see in 2011.

The film may have a premise that will suit all females, but the dirty and crude jokes will be right up in the minds of males everywhere especially as we start with a hilarious sex scene that had me in stitches.  Its one of the most uncomfortable moments of the year and it was so downright rude that it even made me question my own technique in bed.  The woman who is having the not so great sex is the quite outstanding Kristen Wiig who plays Annie, a downtrodden women whose own bad luck is mostly down to her own doing.  The late Jill Clayburgh plays her Mom who tells her in no uncertain terms that the fact she has reached rock bottom the only way is up and while the film shows the journey, For Annie its going to be an embarrassing path.

While her life is going down the shitter (an in joke there!) her lifelong best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) is on the up and she announces she is going to get married and Annie is going to be her maid of honour.  But at the engagement party Annie meets Lillian’s newly found inseparable pal, Helen (Rose Byrne), a woman married to a rich husband who takes an instant dislike to her old friend.  Both women from the off strike a competitive edge to win the affection of their soon to be married pal, but the constant battle brings together a series of set pieces that you will find yourself laughing out loud at the pity outcome.

The “shit yourself” sequence  at the bridal shop is quite simply hilarious, a set piece that is probably the finest in 2011, but while there is many more moments that will leave you with your hands covering your face and squirming in your seat,  the heartbeat of the film is the actresses involved, a likeable bunch of characters who each have their own part to play in the plot line.  Here we have Rita (Wendy McLendon-Covey), a wife whose life is full of children and house chores who sees the wedding as some ort of escape.  We have Megan (Melissa McCarthy) who is the Bridesmaid’s answer to Hangover’s Alan, a speak her mind forceful delight who says lines like  “Bear Sandwich!! with rich delight and then there is Becca, a newlywed herself who is the quiet one of the gang who believes life is good no matter what.  I also have to mention the bride to be Lillian whose relationship with Annie makes the film build up its comical atmosphere.

British talent does not go amiss either with Matt Lucas turning up in a cameo and we even get to see The IT Crowds Chris O’Dowd playing a likeable love interest cop for Annie even though she does not realise that the most perfect guy is right in front of her.

Despite the crude humour, Bridesmaids is a wonderful treat on the eyes.  I loved every single moment of this film and talk of a sequel is welcome news because I would love to see Wig in this role again, make no mistake, she is a revelation here, a comedy force that should prove to be her breakthrough and while the film loses its way at the usual predictable last quarter, its the previous moments that will still linger around in your head because if you give Bridesmaids a try, you too will find it every bit rewarding.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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