Danny Glover back in horror and hearing something strange in ‘Donovan’s Echo’

You gotta love Danny Glover, and recently he has been appearing in more films than ever! In director Jim Cliffe’s Donovan’s Echo, Glover is one of the key selling points and he leads the way in the creepy, supernatural tale of deja vu and unsettling visions and experiences. The trailer is below, along with the poster so you can get a real good look at how sweet this film looks.

Cliffe also wrote the film with Melodie Krieger and also appearing in the film are Bruce Greenwood, Chelah Horsdal, Sonja Bennett, Ian Tracey and Natasha Calis.


Donovan Matheson is a brilliant mathematician who, as a young man, helped to develop the atomic bomb. Obsessed with making a positive contribution to the world, Donovan neglects his family, which results in the accidental death of his wife and daughter.

30 years later, Donovan returns to his family’s home and as the anniversary of the tragic event approaches, he discovers an unsettling similarity between random events of the present and events that occurred in the past.

Convinced that history is repeating itself, Donovan risks everything to break the cycle and save an unsuspecting family from the same tragic fate.

By Matt Wavish


Matt Wavish
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