Fox says no to Cronenberg’s script for a remake of ‘The Fly’

There seems to be an ever growing trend in Hollywood right now to remake almost every classic horror film and pretty much ever foreign horror film. Now, I am not one for remakes to be honest, but there are always a few which come along that do impress me, and certainly if the original director is involved then I would be more than willing to give the film a go.

Such was the news of the proposed remake of David Cronenberg’s The Fly, itself a remake. The Fly is classic body horror that many horror director’s can only dream of creating, but Cronenberg pulled it off with his incredibly unique style and vision and made a god damned near perfect science gone wrong horror. When the news came about the remake fans were not happy, when news came that Cronenberg would be involved, people took note.

A little over a month a go, Cronenberg announced he had written a script for a kind of sequel rather than an all out remake, and that his script would be sent to Fox for consideration. Cronenberg broke the sad news yesterday: “I wrote a script, and at the moment Fox is not wanting to do the project.

Of all the rubbish and pointless remakes which get the go ahead, along comes one which could actually throw something new into the mix, but the original films God damned director, and it gets turned down. What the Hell is the world coming too!

By Matt Wavish

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