Fringe Season 4 Episode 7 “Wallflower” (contains plot spoilers)

(Contains Plot Spoilers)

Episode 7 “Wallflower” is sadly the last Fringe episode you’ll see this year with the next episode not to be aired until the New Year!!! Boo Hoo!!!!!!!! However, the episode has a killer storyline, certainly a good’un to end on for the time being and keep us wanting more and more ……..

Poor ole Olivia kicks off the episode with a killer migraine, gets herself off to the pharmacy in the middle of the night, and on her way home, stumbles across Lincoln in a late night diner where Lincoln tells Olivia that he pretty much hasn’t slept since joining the Fringe Division!! Don’t blame him to be honest!!

So the Fringe case kicks off with the death of man, who previously was being stalked on his way home and attacked by something liquidy looking, resulting in his skin and hair dramatically turning white!! The police turn up, and one of the policeman sees something escape out of the building and shoots at it, although he has no idea what he’s shooting at!!! Walter establishes that the pigment in the man’s skin has been drained and at the crime scene,Lincoln finds a piece of glass with blood on it, blood from the killer. On closer inspection from Walter, he identifies animal DNA in the human blood and eventually leads them to find out it belongs to a child who had allegedly died within a week of being born! The newborn child was taken away by a pharmaceutical company that was owned by, wait for it….. Massive Dynamic!

Horrified, Olivia and Lincoln go to meet with Nina to find out more, of which she claims, at the time of the boy being taken, that she knew nothing of the events that were to transpire. The child had not died but had a unique genetic disorder that the company wanted to experiment on, giving him the ability to essentially become invisible, perfect for military operations etc etc. The boy, named Eugene by the lab scientists, short for “unidentified genetics”, managed to escape from the lab and no one had seen or encountered him since!!

As more victims keep turning up, Walter has a theory that Eugene is trying to make himself visible by draining his victims of their pigment. Although in doing so, this would eventually kill him. Walter has a brainwave and deduces that Eugene can be identified using UV light. The Fringe team disembark and try to track Eugene down. Olivia comes across Eugene (notably very easily bearing in mind he’s invisible!!) after falling through some weak flooring, at which point Eugene gets hold of her gun. In a frantic manner he angrily explains his need for normality and to be visible again so he can live a normal life, fall in love, be noticed, all the things we can do normally that he envies so much! We see at various points in the episode Eugene stalking a girl, he is obviously fond of her, riding the elevator at the same time everyday that she does when he has enough pigment to be seen. He also manages to get into her apartment at one point, in his invisible form of course!

Olivia warns Eugene that he is killing himself, and escapes before the rest of the Fringe team get there. The team then come across his bedroom/lab in the basement of a building where he has stored collectables, tokens from each of his victims.

Eugene rides the elevator at the same time as per usual although running a little late himself, and this time, the girl he has been stalking, Julie, says hello to him and introduces herself. As she leaves the elevator and the doors shut again, Eugene, with a look of satisfaction on his face, slowly collapses and dies. Although really sad, it’s a really beautiful scene as we see Eugene finally getting what he desired so much – just to be noticed!

Olivia returns to Massive Dynamic and delivers the news to Nina that Eugene has died and a rare sight happens, Olivia opens up to Nina about the cortexaphan trials and wonders if the reason she is unable to have feelings for other people is because of the what happened to her. She decides to meet up with Lincoln at the late night diner and as she’s about to leave, a sort of vapour is released under her door and she collapses!! Two men in masks storm the room and you can just make out someone in a pair of heels in the background. The men inform the woman that the last two hours of her memory will be erased and she’ll wake up with a bad migraine!!! Hmmm, has this happened before seeing as Olivia woke up with a migraine at the beginning of the episode? Olivia said earlier in the episode that her migraines hadn’t happened for a while!! The camera then moves to expose the culprit and its none other than our very own Nina Sharpe!!!!!!!

What a way to end the series for a few weeks!!! This raises so many more questions, what’s Nina been up too? How long has this been going on for? Is Nina protecting something or is she doing something more sinister!!! More bloomin questions and we now have the painful wait for the next episode! Aarrgghh! We haven’t really seen much of Peter in this episode really although, now left a bit more to his own devices, he begins to attempt to understand why he is in this universe, now firmly believing that this is the wrong universe and he has ended up in yet another parallel universe!!! But he’s wrong (or is he, is this a third universe??????), and is now paving the way for Olivia and Lincoln to get it on. Maybe that’s how things should have been in a world without Peter, but I’m still hankering on Olivia and Peter figuring out their undying love for each other!!!

Many days to reflect on what we’ve already been seen and look forward to its return and all it may bring in the New Year!!

By Kirsty Wavish

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