Impressive trailer claws its way out for Werewolf horror ‘Hallow Pointe’


Every horror fan loves a good werewolf movie, right? Well, a new one is on it’s way and not only does it deliver a stunning poster and a very impressive trailer, it has an amazing cast as well! The film is directed by Thomas J. Churchill and has been written by Joe Knetter, the check out the cast list:

Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Ashley C. Williams, Leslie Easterbrook, Tiffany Shepis, Brad Loree, Andrew Bryniarski, Allison Kyler, Eileen Dietz, LarPark-Lincoln, Cody Deal, Belinda Balaski and Sarh French.


Hallow Pointe is a chilling story about love, life and what lengths you go through to try and save someone, all told within the classic horror staple: a creature feature. The film is centered around Madeline’s Closet, a quaint bed and breakfast hidden away from the world on a hidden dirt road in the woods. Henry and Jane are hoping a weekend there will help rekindle their love for each other. Staying there, along with a few other guests, everything seems to be going as planned until the sun sets and the full moon lights up the sky. Instead of trying to save their marriage, they must now work together to try and save their lives.

(Source: Dread Central)

By Matt Wavish


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