John Pogue to direct Hammer Films ‘The Quiet One’s, Nicolas Cage offered role of lead Exorcist!!

Another day, another news story, the second excuse this week to print another crazy picture of Nicolas Cage looking, well, crazy! How can you not love this man, he plays bonkers so well and if we all keep our fingers crossed we could well be seeing him playing crazy again, as an Exorcist!!

Hammer Films originally had Antti Jokinen attached to direct their new film about Exorcisms, The Quiet One’s. However, Quarantine 2: The Terminal director John Pogue is now attached to both write and direct the horror for Exclusive Media Group.

The film tells the apparent true story of of a group of students at Cambridge University in the 1970’s who attempt to exorcise a poltergeist from a young girl, they also document their actions, so this could well end up being Hammer’s first found footage film!

The best news is that Nicolas Cage has been offered the role of the group’s leader, Joseph. He is better known as Gesit (a German word for mind, spirit, or ghost, covering the semantic field of these three English nouns). If Cage took the role I am more than sold on this already great sounding film. As I said at the start, keep your fingers crossed the man with a thousand crazy faces takes the role!

More as it develops.

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

By Matt Wavish

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