NEW KUNG FU TV SHOW IN DEVELOPMENT! Paxton shock choice to direct!

In an odd bit of news of the month, the 1970’s TV classic Kung Fu is coming back to the small screen.
Its been reported by numerous sites that the action show will start filming next year in China even though as of yet there is no one down to take on the lead role which made a star of the late David Carradine. 
In another bit of strange news the person who is down to direct the pilot is none other than Bill Paxton, yes he of the underrated horror classic Frailty, even though he has not directed nothing for the past six years-his last being the golf film The Greatest Game Ever Played.  Also added to the list of behind the scene talent is that of John McLaughlin who penned this year’s masterpiece Black Swan which shows the serious attitude this is being taken for the new adaption.
Kung Fu saw Kwai Chang Caine, an orphan of an American father and a Chinese mother who was raised to be a Shaolin monk. He travels to America in search of family and peace, but soon finds that he’s not accepted and frequently has to showcase his martial arts skills.
The role was once originally marked for Bruce Lee but he was overlooked for Carradine…..We wonder what guy is in mind for this new version!
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