No it hasn’t gone away! Producer Roy Lee hints at ‘Poltergeist’ remake to begin filming in 2012

It was way back before the Summer that further news of the Poltergeist remake was announced, and since then all has been quiet. I believe the majority of horror fans had hoped this remake had simply gone away, vanished, an idea that sounded good at the time but has thankfully been brushed aside as if it never existed.

Sadly that is all just wishful thinking as producer Roy Lee recently spoke about the remake and how he is hoping it will start filming next year. He was spoken to by Bloody Disgusting while on set of Takashi Shimizu’s chiller in the air 7500. Here is what Lee said about the Poltergeist remake:

The one that I’m most excited about updating is the ‘Poltergeist’ reboot. That is probably something that somebody, hopefully next year, will be able to accomplish… I’m in talks [to produce it for MGM].

What a shame, I thought this had really been forgotten. Oh well, on the other hand Shimizu’s 7500 is also due out next year, August 31st in the US, and that should be a great little chiller to look forward to. You can read more about the horror right here

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

By Matt Wavish

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