Rob Zombie now filming his film within a film ‘Frankenstein VS The Witchfinder’

It is not known exactly how Rob Zombie intends to show off his film within a film, other than the fact it will be playing in a theatre in his new movie The Lords of Salem. I’d like to think Frankenstein VS Witchfinder would appear as a bonus feature on the DVD and Bluray release at the very least. Considering Zombie has gone to the effort of getting himself a cast, and an impressive one too, and the fact he is filming it during the US Thanksgiving holiday, surely he plans to do more than just have it on in the theatre in the highly anticipated film?

The cast for Frankenstein VS The Witchfinder include Udo Kier (Suspiria) who plays Matthew Hopkins AKA Klaus the Reap, Clint Howard as the dwarf Carlo Caravaggio, Dan Roebuck (Final Destination, Zombies Halloween 2) as The Frankenstein Monster and Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave) as the wench Doris von Fux.

The Lords of Salem recently wrapped up shooting in, Salem (!) and has now moved to LA. To read a whole lot more on the set to be huge horror, click here

By Matt Wavish


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