Robert Englund to appear in ‘Lake Placid 4’

About a month ago we brought you new that a fourth Lake Placid film film was planned, and that Yancey Butler’s character was returning in the film, due to be directed by Don Michael Paul (Half Past Dead). It is also highly likely the film will debut on the ScFy channel, like the last film did. It was also reported that the film was due to shoot in Budapest, however this has now changed and Bulgaria would appear to be the choice of place now.

There is still no news on any plot details, but seriously, you don’t really need much of a plot to have a Giant Croc eating people! Todays news is very cool, as Robert Englund has signed up to star in the film as Jim Bickerman, a member of the Bickerman family who have been in every film so far. In the fourth film, titled ‘Lake Placid: The Final Chapter’, Englund’s character will be a poacher who gets caught up in the latest Giant Croc shenanigans.

Elisabeth Rohm (Law and Order) is also onboard to appear in the film which was scheduled to begin shooting this month.

More as it happens.

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