Steven Spielberg in discussions with Warners for their epic Moses movie ‘Gods and Kings’

New broke out from Twitch yesterday that Steven Spielberg is in talks to play a role in their epic tale of Moses. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it would appear that Warners have approached Spielberg to have a hand in possibly producing the massive film, and the approach has now moved on to formal discussions.

This is great news,  and should Spielberg take the job, and with his expertise, we can expect a historical blockbuster of a truly epic scale. We have the parting of the red sea, the ten commandments, freeing the Hebrew slaves and even the plagues of Egypt, there is a massive amount of history to get into the film, and it should all be there. The word is that Warners want the film to cover Moses’ entire life, from birth to death, so this is indeed a huge project, something only people as good as Spielberg could really pull off.

The film will be called Gods and Kings, and Dan Lin and Matti Leshem were originally attached to produce, but that is all down to how negotiations go with Spielberg and Warners.

More as it develops.

(Source: Twitch)

By Matt Wavish

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