The ‘ABC’s of Death’ competition winner announced, and you can watch the winning short film here

The ABC’s of Death is a massive horror project, bringing together 25 of the worlds newest and best talents in horror directing. Each director gets to make a short film based on one letter of the alphabet, and the 26th place (given to the letter T) was created as a competition for lesser known talents to make a short film, and the winning short film would be included in the final product.

Here at HCF  we have been championing David Guglielmo to win, and thanks to all those of you who voted. Sadly David did not win, but a huge congratulations goes to the UK’s Lee Hardcastle whose short film ‘T is for Toilet’ beat hundreds of other entries. Hardcastle’s short can be seen at the bottom of this post and it is fantastic I must say, absolutely brilliant and a well deserved winner!

The ABC’s of Death is due for release sometime in 2012, and here is a list of all the directors who will be submitting a short film, along with Hardcastle’s winning short.

  • Kaare Andrews (Altitude), USA
  • Angela Bettis (Roman), USA
  • Ernesto Diaz Espinoza (Mirageman; Mandrill), Chile
  • Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun), Canada
  • Bruno Forzani & Héléne Cattet (Amer), Belgium
  • Adrian Garcia Bogliano (Cold Sweat), Mexico
  • Xavier Gens (Frontiers; Hitman), France
  • Jorge Michel Grau (We Are What We Are), Mexico
  • Noburo Iguchi (RoboGeisha), Japan
  • Thomas Malling (Norwegian Ninja), Norway
  • Anders Morgenthaler (Princess), Denmark
  • Yoshihrio Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police), Japan
  • Banjong Pisathanakun (Shutter), Thailand
  • Simon Rumley (Red, White & Blue), UK
  • Marcel Sarmiento (Deadgirl), USA
  • Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse; The Venture Bros.), USA
  • Srdjan Spasojevic (A Serbian Film), Serbia
  • Timo Tjahjanto (Macabre), Indonesia
  • Andrew Traucki (The Reef), Australia
  • Nacho Vigalondo (TimeCrimes), Spain
  • Jake West (Doghouse), UK
  • Ti West (House of the Devil; The Innkeepers), USA
  • Ben Wheatley (Down Terrace; Kill List), UK
  • Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way to Die), USA
  • Yudai Yamaguchi (Yakuza Weapon), Japan

By Matt Wavish


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