The sales trailer for gorefest ‘Bad Meat’ has arrived and it is rather good!

Bad Meat is a film that has been plagued with problems. Firstly the original director Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn) left the project, and then the film fell into financial problems and looked as if it would never see the light of day. Lulu Jarmen took over directing the film and quietly finished it. This being Jarmen’s first feature length film, you would expect the end results to be a bit dodgy, but watching the sales trailer the film looks really really good. If you’re after plenty of gore and a good sense of humour, then it would appear that Bad Meat delivers.

The film was written by Paul Gerstenberger and stars Jessica Parker Kennedy,Elisabeth Harnois, Dave Franco and Mark Pellegrino. The film debuted at Film Four’s recent Frightfest Halloween All-Nighter, and is now set to play at the American Film Market. Bloody Disgusting got their hands on a synopsis, and the sales trailer, both below:

A Boot Camp for troubled teens becomes a nightmarish charnel house when spoiled meat transforms the staff from sadistic fascists into something much, much worse… Get ready for spilt blood, vomit, faeces and bile – and not only on screen – in the strangest, weirdest destined-for-cult-dom gross-out in ages.

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

By Matt Wavish


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