Wanna see lots of bikini’s and a hungry Shark? Well, the trailer for ‘Jurassic Shark’ has it all!

The trailer for director Brett Kely’s Jurassic Shark arrived recently, and we have it right here for you in all it’s B-movie goodness! As with all these types of films, it won’t break any new grounds, won’t win any awards but it’ll give you a good old laugh, some naked ladies and a no doubt terribly presented CGI shark. The poster promises that the shark is a little on the gargantuan side, although the trailer shows the beast to be slightly smaller. Never mind being picky though, it looks great fun, check out the trailer after the synopsis:

Jurassic Shark is “the story of two groups of people — one, a group of students, the other, a group of criminals — who are shipwrecked on an island by a giant shark. The island was once used for illegal drilling, and the oil company inadvertantly released the giant shark from its slumber.”

By Matt Wavish


Matt Wavish
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