We’ve gone Muppets crazy here, plenty of posters and trailers for you to enjoy right now!

The Muppets Movie is due to hit UK cinemas 10th February 2012, and I for one cannot wait and I aint afraid to say it. I saw the brand new trailer in the cinema recently and laughed out loud, and for some tragic reason I have missed the parody videos released to advertise the film recently, so to make up for such a crime they are all included here for your viewing pleasure.

There are four in total, The Pig With the Froggy Tattoo, The Fuzzy Pack (The Hangover 2), The Green Lantern and a parody of the Muppets themselves. Also included are some recently released posters taking a stab at Twilight and I am sure you’ll agree that they are brilliant. With it being all things Muppets here, the theatrical trailer is also included, and if none of this gets you in the mood then God help you!

Disney are releasing the film, which is directed  by James Bobin and stars Amy Adams, Jason Segel, Chris Cooper and Rashida Jones along with the entire cast from the Muppets. Te sense of humour running throughout is very cleverly aiming at both kids and adults, so the film should have mass appeal and could well be one of 2012’s biggest films!

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