American Horror Story Episode 5: “Halloween: Part 2″(Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 5 “Halloween: Part 2”, kicks off in the present day with an explanation of Violet’s whereabouts from the previous episode. Larry, outside banging on the door demanding money from Ben, eventually leaves and Violet goes back upstairs, without noticing the “Rubber Man” behind her in the kitchen! Tate appears outside below Violet’s bedroom window and asks Violet if she is ready for their date now, and Violet agrees. After Ben and Vivien returned home, Violet calls Vivien and after some persuading, Vivien agrees that she can stay out a little longer! Tate and Violet go to a secluded part of a beach and as Tate starts to open up about his horrible time at school, five very bloody and wounded teenagers (consisting of jocks, cheerleaders, goths and geeks) turn up, who Violet refers to as the Dead Breakfast Club!!. They all know Tate and start taunting him asking him why he did it, although Tate genuinely doesn’t appear to know who they are or what they are talking about, and Tate and Violet quickly leave.

Back to Ben and his Hayden saga!! Ben now believes that the killing of Hayden was staged by her and Larry, and that they are both out to get him. Larry knows that Hayden is a ghost, but Ben isn’t having any of it and threatens that he will kill him next time he sees him! Meanwhile, Vivien decides to run a bath, still sticking to her guns that she wants Ben out of the house. Hayden calls her on her mobile and leaves a message on the mirror telling Vivien to ask Ben about his recent trip toBoston! Frantic, Vivien shouts to Ben that Hayden is in the house and Ben finds her in the basement and things go from bad to worse with Larry knocking him out with a shovel!!! As Ben comes to, he realises that Larry has tied him up, who has gone off to burn the house down but the ghost of Chad manages to stop him. Nora then appears, the original owner of the house, and pleads Ben to save Violet!

While in the bedroom, Hayden appears in front of Vivien and starts her dramatic spiel on Ben and quickly realises that Vivien is pregnant!!! As she comes to terms with the news, Vivien then quickly realises that Hayden too is pregnant (although she’s dead, but Vivien doesn’t know that). In her unbalanced state, Hayden picks up a shard of glass and attacks Vivien, but Ben manages to get there in time to stop her and he then confesses his sins to Vivien! Then to add to the drama, Luke, the security guard turns up and proceeds to arrest Hayden, however, as they talk in the car, they pull up at the police station, Luke gets out of the car, only to find the backseat empty!!

The Dead Breakfast Club eventually turn up at the house and Violet, trying to protect Tate, lashes out at them, telling them to leave Tate alone. The teens realise that she doesn’t know that they are dead (although one of them has half of his face missing!!!), and Tate intervenes (which made me slightly wonder if he does remember what he’s apparently done!!) and runs off, with the gang chasing after him

Constance then gets a hold of Violet and drags her over to her house! Constance tells her that Adelaide is dead after dressing up as a pretty girl!!! More interestingly though,Constance reveals that Tate is her son, and makes Violet swear that she will never tell him

The Dead Breakfast Club eventually catch Tate, demanding that he tell them why he killed them! It turns out that they went to the same school as Tate, Westview High, and were all murdered when Tate stormed the school with a shotgun! Tate still allegedly still has no recollection of the events, and as Halloween comes to a close, they all begin to leave and the other ghosts such as Moira, Chad, Patrick, Nora and the twin brothers we saw at the beginning of the series return to the house, as the night of the dead walking freely comes to an end.

What a brilliant episode, full of little hints and clues, adding more and more depth to the stories that exist within the house! Mara, who plays Hayden, gave a terrific performance, quite an unnerving character that you certainly wouldn’t want hanging around. The scene with the microwave and Vivien thinking she had blown up her dog was brilliant!! A real bunny boiler moment! I just hope they don’t overdo it to the point its gets too irritating!! The appearance of Nora is also very welcome, a very interesting story and I hope they start to develop her soon! Evan Peters’ Tate is also finally getting more coverage, (Yay!!!!), as we start to get more of an insight into his character. Did he kill the Dead Breakfast Club? Why can’t he remember? Finally, a big thumbs up on this episode for the special effects!! The make up on the Dead Breakfast Club was fantastic and so realistic!! Especially the boy with half his face missing, dripping of blood!!! Goralicious!!

By Kirsty Wavish

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