American Horror Story Episode 7: “Open House” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 7, “Open House” goes back in time to 1994, when we see Larry, before his crispy deformation, married and with his children, but is absolutely smitten with the ever so alluring Constance!!! Constance’s very deformed monster looking son, Beau, resided in the house’s attic and chained to the bed. He was being kept out of view as Constance found out that Social Services were going to come and take him away as she had neglected to care for him. Constance asked Larry to kill her son to save him (!!!!), and he undertook the evil task in a very moving but disturbing scene! Larry also announced to his wife at the dinner table that he was leaving her for Constance, and more astonishingly, asked his wife and children to leave the house even though he was the adulterer! On hearing this news, Larry’s wife went upstairs and set herself and the children on fire. By the time Larry realised, it was too late and as he tried to save them, he himself got badly burnt. Well, didn’t see that one coming! Does this change things with the way we now feel about Larry? He’s gone from a cold blooded killer, allegedly possessed by the house, to a sad, weak man who is obviously besotted with Constance! What is his obsession with the house, and one other thing, why haven’t we seen his wife and children as their souls must also be trapped in the house!! Hmm……

Back to the present day, and Violet is struggling to deal with things and Tate catches her cutting herself again. Tate and Violet’s relationship is getting more and more intense, especially in this episode, even though Violet knows Tate is a ghost! Tate also introduces Violet to his brother Beau (!!!!) and gives Violet some tips on dealing with ghosts (apparently they will just go away if she just asks them to leave!!) He also gives her some old photographs that he’s found of the house and the original owners, the Montgomery’s, of which one of the photos is Nora Montgomery! Later in the episode, Vivien comes in to see Violet and comes across the photos and looks totally freaked out when she recognises Nora in one of them!!!!

Meanwhile, Vivien takes a trip to the docs for a check up and find out she is pregnant with twins!!! Eager to get the house sold, but also struggling with her conscious of leaving out the murder house details in the fear that the next owners may experience what she has experienced, (much to Marcy, the estate agent’s resistance), Vivien decides to come clean with potential buyers about the house’s history. But she needed the full details and decided to take the murder house tour!! She learnt that Charles Montgomery, the surgeon, was undertaking abortions in the basement of the house. One of the girls blabbed and the Montgomery’s baby son was kidnapped as revenge. Later the police found their son, mutilated, and was delivered back to the Montgomery’s! Charles in an act of insanity, decided to resurrect his son through the use of animal parts, and turned him into a monster. This resulted in Nora going insane after seeing her newly formed son in his cot (which I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was in there – but we’re obviously not ready for that one yet!!!!), then killing her son for the second time after attempting to breast feed him, shoots Charles and then shoots herself in the mouth!!

Lucky for Vivien, a potential buyer has great interest in the house and has plans to demolish the house. Moira takes great delight in this and in her seductive maid formation, comes onto the developer after he promises her that the gazebo will be dug up and replaced by a pool for her!!! In doing this, her bones would be revealed and she would be able to move on!!!!

Ben, fed up with Larry’s incessant harassment and recent intentions of wanting to buy the house, goes to Larry’s home and finds out that Larry actually wants the house so he and Constance can finally be together! Ben taunts Larry about the developer’s plans of building loads of condos should he purchase the house. Constance also learns about this pretty quickly and tells Moira that she’s been lied to about the pool and she and Constance team up, with Constance paying a visit to the developer’s house!! He brushes her suggestions of not ripping the house down aside but Moira manages to lure the developer back to the house, takes him to the basement to give him a blow job, takes a big bite (even I had to cross my legs!!!) and then kills him!! As Moira squeezes the last bit of life out of the developer, she drags him to the ground, and it made me think, in order to be a ghost caught in the house, do they need to be on the foundations or grounds of the house?

I really enjoyed this episode as it gave much more depth to all the stories going on, with some questions being answered, and brought back some of the sexual elements it started off with!!! Again, you can’t fault the frightening effects in the form of Beau, and the beautiful presence of the Montgomery’s in their messed up, twisted existence which comes to a very bitter end, one of the most intense moments of the series so far!! And we still haven’t seen the best yet to come in whatever lures in the basement! I’m loving the story between Larry and Constance as well, although I think Constance is a bit out of his league and wonder if she was and still is up to something. With Larry firmly wrapped around her little finger, and from watching the scenes of him carrying out the evil deed on her deformed son, I can imagine Larry would bow down to Constance in an instant!!!

By Kirsty Wavish

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