Bad things can happen when you drink ‘Absinthe’, check out the trailer here

Written, directed and produced by Justin Thomas Billings come the intriguing little horror, Absinthe. We all know the stories of how this alcoholic drink can cause people to hallucinate or even go a bit mad and this film, which is based on real events, delves into what can happen if you drink the stuff.

The film stars Austin Lyon, Lexy Roth, Justin Thomas Billings, Alli Dyer, Alicia Leanne, Tyler Morgan, Tim Sauerwein and Kendall Ryan.


Inspired by real murders.

Newly-engaged Conor and Roxy celebrated a small, impromptu engagement party with a close group of friends at a relative’s lake house. Thomas Mitch, a filmmaker, was in attendance. Conor, knowing that Mitch would attend, used the opportunity to work on his junior psychology dissertation project: a collection of video interviews. Mitch brought his Canon XH-A1 HD video camera with him and began recording. The camera was found, still recording, by the police. They refuse to release the tape. Was absinthe the cause of the murders? You decide.

By Matt Wavish

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