Colin Firth decides not to be an ‘Oldboy’

Now this is a real shame, Colin Firth has decided not to take the role he was offered in Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake. While I have never been convinced that the film should even be remade, the thought of Firth in the role of the main bad guy did get me a bit more interested in the idea. With Josh Brolin playing that Choi Min-sik perfectly played, I must say I was a littel more interested by it as Jsoh Brolin is one of my favourite actors around right now, so the thought of Brolin and Firth in the lead roles was almost a good enough reason to want to see this.

Twitch learned that Firth pulled out yesterday, and here is what they said:

Firth confirm[ed] the offer in subsequent interviews while playing coy about his intended response but had he taken the role on it would have seen him playing Josh Brolin’s tormentor in the story of a man kidnapped and imprisoned for years without explanation. Well, they’re going to need to find another kidnapper. Twitch has learned that Firth has now officially passed on the project meaning they need to find someone else to play opposite Brolin in what is being planned as an early 2012 shoot.

(Source: Twitch)

By Matt Wavish

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