Is an ‘Insidious’ sequel on the way?

James Wan’s Insidious grew to become one of the most popular and profitable horrors of the year, the buzz around cinemas when this came out was incredible with fans leaving cinemas white as a ghost and hungry for more. A sequel to the ultra scary horror has been talked about ever since the film made such a profit and became such a sensation, giving horror a much needed kick up the arse. While nothing is actually confirmed, there are rumours and possible hints that a sequel just may be on the way.

While producers Film District are not saying anything about sequel potential, Sony Pictures (who bought world wide rights to the film) appear to be all set for a sequel, with or without the original films creators. It was announced today by Fusible that Sony had got themselves the following domain names:, and This all sounds very likely that a sequel could well be in the works, although an interview by Shock Till You Drop with producer Jason Blum a few months back tells a different story:

There’s no plan, no release date, nothing like that. I think James feels the same as Oren [Peli]. Oren was very skeptical about doing a sequel to Paranormal Activity until Michael [Perry] pitched an idea and it made sense. If Leigh comes up with a story that’s inventive and you feel like there’s a story to tell – as opposed to ‘let’s make another movie and make money’ – and he comes up with something James feels is worth making we would do it. And if Leigh doesn’t, we won’t.

There is not really all that much to go on here, and it sounds very much as if director James Wan will only go ahead if he feels there is a worthy idea. I repsct that, and would hate the original to be tarnished by a crappy cash-in sequel. However, Sony could well be moving ahead on their own for a sequel since they own the worldwide rights.

While the thought of a sequel is exciting, please please let it be for the right reasons, and for God sake make sure James Wan is directing and Jason Blum is producing, the pair are creating hit after hit and it only makes sense to have both involved if a sequel was to be made.

By Matt Wavish

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