Kill List: If you have not seen it yet, just what the Hell are you waiting for!!!

It is not often I feel compelled to write an actual news article asking people to watch a particular film, in fact this is the first time! However, I have two reasons for this article, well, three. The first is that our writers David Gillespie and Ross Hughes have both already reviewed this film, and there are links to those reviews at the bottom of this post. With them both reviewing it, I can’t, because three reviews of the same film is too much. Secondly, I did not see this film until buying it on Bluray today, and for that reason it missed my Best of 2011 list, and I feel I must redeem myself by writing this. I also hope that director Ben Wheatley, by some miracle, reads this article and accepts my humblest apology. If I was writing my best of 2011 list now, after seeing this film, it just might have made it to number one! And the third reason for writing this is because Kill List has pretty much left me shaken to my very core, and no other film this year has had quite the impact this astonishing piece of work had on Me. I quite literally feel battered, and come the end of the film I had to sit until the credits played out, on the edge of my seat totally in Ben Wheatley’s debt. My God what a film!

To tell you anything about the plot other than the fact Neil Maskell plays a hitman could very probably ruin things for you. All you need to know is that Maskell delivers the performance of his career, and one of the years best, as he plays Jay. Working side by side with pal and fellow shooter Gal (a superb Michael Smiley) the pair are hired to kill off names from a list, and to really tell you much more than that would truly spoil your enjoyment. All I can really say is that if you have not seen this film, you must see it, now! If you have no intention of watching this film, then please change your mind. And if you have seen it, watch the damned thing again.

This is highly original, powerful, emotionally draining, shocking, clever, unrelentless and totally unexpected. This takes the hitman genre to a WHOLE new level, somewhere it has never been before and it will leave you gasping for air. If your jaw doesn’t hit the floor at any point, you are either dead or watching the wrong film. This is the work of a true master of his craft, and with this being Wheatley’s second proper movie, my God does Britain have a star on its hands. Wheatley’s next film is ‘Sightseers’, and I will be first in line to catch that, and he has also directed a segment for the ABC’s of Death. Here is a new, exciting, gutsy and brave director who has pretty much turned the hitman genre on its head.

Ben Wheatley, I salute you, thankyou for directing one of, if not THE ,best film of 2011. If I was to review this masterpiece and score it it would get top marks

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★

By Matt Wavish

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